Key flogger

Pretty spreader bar

Multi coloured paracord flogger

Glow in the dark rope flogger

Ridge spanking paddle

UV cable-tie whip

T-bar hogtie

Labia clamp with lead

Mace pinwheel

Screw nipple clamp

Nipple clamp

5 row pinwheel

Rainbow wrist cage

Glitter handle rubber flogger

Nipple clamp

Glitter canes

UV floggers

UV ribbon flogger

UV flogger

Double Pinweel

Deep thud, heavy rubber paddle

Winner of the London Alternative Market fetish retail of 2020

Thumper AKA the Donk!

Celtic knot UV spanking paddle

Disc flogger

Ball bearing flogger

Key Flogger

Nuts & Wingnuts flogger

Glitter canes

UV flogger

Silicone crop

Metal crop

Snake bite

3 strand wire whip

Looped flogger

Rainbow ribbon flogger

UV flogger

Spring loop

One bar prison/impaler spreader bar

Spiky disc paddle

Wooden paddle with small dimples

Wooden paddle with large dimples

Silicon flogger

Adjustable spreader bar

Heavy Rubber Spanking Loop

Glow in the dark rubber flogger

Knot Spanking Loop

Spanking Loop

Thumper - AKA the Donk!

Thumper - AKA the Donk!

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