Simply love making unusual kinky toy's :)

We are kinky toy makers who loves to express our creativity in unusual ways, you could say we've put the colour and sparkle back in to kink and filled it with some eye popping, jaw dropping "holy fuck" just for good measure. But don't be fooled by all the bright colours and glittery sparkle, our products have been designed to take kink to the next level and introduce a whole new range of BDSM fun.

All our products are vegan friendly, and some of our items have been recycled or up-cycling for better kinky purpose.

We absolutely love UV/Black-light reactive items, so you'll find plenty of that within our shop, we have one of the largest collection of UV kinky toys within the fetish scene, and we always striving to create new UV products. You don't need a UV light to apricate our UV range of products though, their beauty and uniqueness speaks for it's self and at the end of the day it's the "impact" that counts.

Another popular theme within our shop are sensation toy's, especially items that conducts electricity, we love finding new ways to add fun to this particular fetish, so take a look at our range of sensation toys, you never know, you might just find something that "sparks" your interest or leaves its "mark".

Please take your time to read the descriptions, most of our products have been designed to be used in a multitudes of ways, you may just find something you didn't know you needed.

Take a look at our shop and see how we utilise the things we love and you may gain an insight into how our kinky creative minds works.... but be warned it could be all glittery and rainbows or it could be very dark and sadistic!...... sometimes it's a combination of both!

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